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JD Home Makeover Inc.

We are a Mississauga based company. We work with the highest quality home builders in the GTA area and beyond. We are skilled professionals that can give your home project a complete exterior makeover.

We pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship.
All our work is 100% guaranteed and WSIB insured.
No customer left unsatisfied and no job left behind EVER.


Dave: (416) 890-6578
Jazz: (647) 885-7183

or write us an e-mail: infoATmakeovercontractingDOTcom

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Copper bay window

Copper bay window roof in Toronto

Here we have a roof of a bay window done in copper. Even the front of the fascia board was […]

half-round gutters

Half round gutters on a big mansion in King City.

Here we have some nice half-round eaves troughs with downspouts.

Hardie siding planks and panels

James Hardie-board siding, pannels & planks with custom metal channels

Hardie board project in the heart of Cabbage town Toronto. On this interesting job we used a combination of James […]

Great looking metal roof

Industrial metal roof installation in Mississauga

Custom ribbed metal roof being installed on a building in Mississauga. Some of the metal sheets used are longer than […]