Custom Design Gutters

Custom shape Heavy-Gage Gutters Here we are once again making the impossible possible! These custom shape heavy-gauge metal gutters came equipped with custom painted stainless steel exterior bracket hangers and leaf-guards. Connecting the water system are square 4x4 flat-red metal downspouts. Red metal work on a fire station in BramptonCustom metal gutters and downspoutsFire station … Continue reading Custom Design Gutters

Huge ceder overhangs and squre gutters

Simple beautiful and elegant design on Leland Ave in Toronto. Modern Home Design in Toronto, Etobicoke. Huge 3" tongue and grove ceder overhang and garage doors... Flat black aluminum square 6" custom eaves-troughs and rain-chains. 3" Stained Ceder front entrance wall and ceilings. Click on the link bellow to view the home on google maps … Continue reading Huge ceder overhangs and squre gutters

Lifetime warranty leaf-guards

Lifetime warranty Leaf-Guards with new gutter installation! Life time warranty product alert! New on the market are the Alurex T-Rex Leaf-Guards. It's a new re-evolutionary way the gutters are hung up on your home. Instead of brackets, it uses the continuous leaf-guards as a hanger system. No more clogged eaves and no more ice build … Continue reading Lifetime warranty leaf-guards

Continuous hanger system leaf guards

Leaf-Guard + Life Time Warranty All new continues hanger system leaf-guards for a new eaves-trough installation. LifeTime warranty on these babies. No more cleaning clogged eaves-troughs and spouts. No more Icy gutter in the winter. Double the strength of your eaves-troughs. Most importantly, Lifetime warranty on your eaves-troughs.

Shakes vertical and horizontal siding

Vertical siding panels and siding shakes in gable ends Vetical and horizontal siding plus shakes on a firehouse. This is an exterior shake siding job we completed on a firehouse in Huntsville Ontario. The walls are covered with vertical and horizontal siding and vinyl shakes in gable ends. Gray/white combination and materials supplied by Kaycan.

Stucco, stone, cedar and flat-black metal

Stunning home design in Oakville, exterior work done by us. Stunning simple and elegant home designs This is a home designed by Four Pillars Inc in Oakville, Ontario. It is a re-designed bungalow and has over 3500 sq feet of living space. Open concept living in a simple yet very effective home design. If you … Continue reading Stucco, stone, cedar and flat-black metal