Custom Design Gutters

Custom shape Heavy-Gage Gutters Here we are once again making the impossible possible! These custom shape heavy-gauge metal gutters came equipped with custom painted stainless steel exterior bracket hangers and leaf-guards. Connecting the water system are square 4x4 flat-red metal downspouts. Red metal work on a fire station in BramptonCustom metal gutters and downspoutsFire station … Continue reading Custom Design Gutters

Lifetime warranty leaf-guards

Lifetime warranty Leaf-Guards with new gutter installation! Life time warranty product alert! New on the market are the Alurex T-Rex Leaf-Guards. It's a new re-evolutionary way the gutters are hung up on your home. Instead of brackets, it uses the continuous leaf-guards as a hanger system. No more clogged eaves and no more ice build … Continue reading Lifetime warranty leaf-guards

Continuous hanger system leaf guards

Leaf-Guard + Life Time Warranty All new continues hanger system leaf-guards for a new eaves-trough installation. LifeTime warranty on these babies. No more cleaning clogged eaves-troughs and spouts. No more Icy gutter in the winter. Double the strength of your eaves-troughs. Most importantly, Lifetime warranty on your eaves-troughs.

Copper Half-Round Eaves and Spouts

Half-Round Copper Eaves-trough & support bracket water system. But there is more; Copper overhangs, fascias, drips, valleys & flashing. Endless copper details on this massive build in King City. Directly bellow the horizontal roof-lines of this charcoal slate roof is a copper half-round eaves-trough water drainage system. Complete with solid custom copper brackets and round … Continue reading Copper Half-Round Eaves and Spouts